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All Online Packages provide an annual licence for three simultaneous users per subject valid from the date of purchase. You can order additional users on the next page. Exampro subscriptions include automatic updates at no extra cost: latest content and spec related changes. VAT will be added to all orders at the current rate.
 PackageUsersPrice *Order
GCSE Science Package3£200
A-level Science Package3£250
GCSE Biology3£80
GCSE Chemistry3£80
GCSE Physics3£80
GCSE Combined Science3£110
A-level Biology3£100
A-level Chemistry3£100
A-level Physics3£100
A-Level Science Tracker3£0
Transition Science Package (KS2 & KS3)3£120
Secondary Science Package (KS3 & GCSE)3£275
 PackageUsersPrice *Order
A-level Psychology3£80
Physical Education
 PackageUsersPrice *Order
GCSE Physical Education3£80
GCSE & A-level PE Package3£150
A-level Physical Education3£100
 PackageUsersPrice *Order
GCSE Mathematics3£90
A-level Mathematics Package3£200
A-level Mathematics Pure3£80
A-level Mathematics Decision3£80
A-level Mathematics Mechanics3£80
A-level Mathematics Statistics3£80
Transition Maths Package (KS2 & KS3)3£150
Secondary Mathematics Package (KS3 & GCSE)3£150
20% discount if you order 3 or more Languages packages
 PackageStoragePrice *Order
AQA Tracker GCSE Languages250MB£0
 Package Price *Order
GCSE French3£80
GCSE German3£80
GCSE Spanish3£80
A-level French 3£80
A-level German3£80
A-level Spanish3£80
ICT and Computer Science
 PackageUsersPrice *Order
GCSE Computer Science3£80
A-level ICT3£80
A-level Computer Science3£80
Computer Science Package3£200
 PackageUsersPrice *Order
GCSE Geography3£80
 PackageUsersPrice *Order
GCSE English3£60
Economics and Business
 PackageUsersPrice *Order
A-level Economics3£80
Design and Technology
 PackageUsersPrice *Order
A-level Design and Technology Package3£200
A-level Product Design (3D)3£80
A-level Product Design (Textiles)3£80
A-level Food Technology3£80
GCSE Design and Technology Package3£100
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