Exampro Highlights

Interactive examples of real candidate responses to exam questions, highlighted and annotated to help you interpret the mark scheme and examiner comments.

Weaknesses and strengths are identified, assessment objectives are clarified and the summative comment is there for you too.

Fantastic for CPD and classroom use: download our guide
for ideas.

Set your mock exam

It's not just sitting the test but what you do afterwards that makes a difference; analysis, discussion, insights into the test, identification of weaknesses and the intervention strategies that follow are just as important.

Feedback to students is easy. Use Exampro to print papers and then review mark schemes and annotated answers on the whiteboard.

Save time

Use Exampro for quick access to original exam questions, their associated mark schemes and examiner comments. Filter them by your desired criteria such as text type or the purpose of the writing task.

"Taking the mystery out of marking, it provides reliable information direct from the exam board!"

Caroline Woolfe, English teacher

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GCSE English £60

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